Conocurvone, anti-HIV active agent from Conospermum

Vermilacinia johncassadyi

Conospermum unilaterale

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Plants for Pharmacological Screening


Random Samples collected with limitation only to avoid duplication of species, sometimes referred to as “biodiversity sampling” or “biodiversity prospecting.”   
Systematic  Samples obtained according to phytogeographic and taxonomic criteria,  and by emphasis on plant parts most likely to show activity.  Cost according to limitations.
Folklore Collections guided by ethnobotanical data, either by working directly with local practitioners, or by reports in literature.   




Taxus brevifolia (Pacific yew) stem-bark

 Extracts and Screening

Taxol in various stages of preparation


1.  Plant Procurement Data on Antitumor Active Plants from the United States (1960–1982)  

2. Baja California Plants Screened for Antitumor Activity

3. Plants Used As Anthelmintics, Fish Poisons, Arrow Poisons Screened For Antitumor Activity

4. Bryophytes Collected for Antitumor Screening

5.  Decline in Native Annuals and Increase on Nonnative Annuals in the California Desert


Photographs and Reports of Plants from Around the World

  Africa                  Australia                      North America


Taxonomic Reports



1.  Key to 44 Species of Carex
on the Beltsville Agricultural
     Research Center, Maryland. 


2.   Mobergia
      Niebla and Vermilacinia Communities

     Review: Lichen Flora of the
         Greater Sonoran Desert Region

Fruit and Seed Terminology

3.  A Systematic Treatment  of Fruit Types.

4.  Reviews: (a) Fruits and Seeds of Brazil Dicots
        (b) Seeds: The Time Capsules of Life
        (c) Fruit: Edible, Inedible, Incredible
        (d) Fruits of the Australian Tropical Rainforest
        (e) Tropical and Subtropical Trees:
              An Encyclopedia

5. Trees and Shrubs of Kern County, California

6. Phytogeography of Colubrina and Lasiodiscus


  7 Nomenclatural and Taxonomic Review
      of Three Species and Two Varieties of
      Taxus (Taxaceae) in Asia 
Table 1.

 8.  Keys and Descriptions for Species
       of Taxus

             Introduction to Taxonomy of Taxus

             North America.  Includes stomata data 
           for herbarium specimens plotted on 
           map of North America.

             Species Groups and Subgroups
           (Classification,  WBA Online Herbarium
             of Taxus Images).

             A phytogeographical analysis of Taxus
             (Taxaceae) based on leaf anatomical
             characters.  J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 1:

            Taxonomy and nomenclature of Taxus
(Taxaceae). J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 1:

 9.  Folklore: Relationships between plant
           folklore and antitumor activity: An
           historical review.  Sida 21(4):


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