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Prepared by Richard W. Spjut
Dec 2007

Stillingia linearifolia
CA: San Bernardino Co., sandy wash,
Amboy Rd near I-40, 19 Nov 2007



Sequeiros C., L. M. López, N. O. Caffini and C. L. Natalucci.  2003.  Proteolytic activity in some Patagonian plants from Argentina.  Fitoterapia. 74(6): 570–577. “Six Patagonian plants were screened for proteolytic activity: Colliguaja integerrima, Euphorbia collina, E. peplus and Stillingia patagonica (Euphorbiaceae), Philibertia gilliesii (Asclepiadaceae) and Grindelia chiloensis (Asteraceae). P. gilliesii extracts showed the highest specific activity, followed by S. patagonica and E. collina. Proteolytic activity was unnoticeable in the other three species studied. Inhibition assays revealed that P. gilliesii and S. patagonica extracts contain cysteine-type peptidases and that in E. collina serine-type peptidases are present.”