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Prepared by Richard W. Spjut
May 2014

Stenotus acaulis

Nevada—Calcareous Mts. White Pine Co., Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, Ely Ranger Dist.: Schell Creek Range, Connor Pass, south  side off Hwy 50/6; 39º02'00.4", 114º58.45.7", 2414 m.  Pinyon-juniper woodland on limestone derived soil.Low rounded mats of woody stems and leaves; flowering stems erect, extending above the leaves, disk and rays yellow or yellowish-orange.  Common. Sample of entire plant (rt-rh-st-lf-fl-fr).
Spjut & Paul Burchstead 16355, 22 June 2008.

Stenotus aff. armeriodies

Utah—Great Basin Desert-Bonneville Basin Region. Millard Co., Confusion Range, north side of Hwy 50, ~92 miles west of Delta; 39º04'42.7", 113º43.08.9", 1716 m.  Limestone-sandstone outcrops in pinyon-juniper zone. Small to large mats on limestone rocks; leaves glandular resinous, not scabrous, phyllaries with a distinct midnerve, apiculate.  Common.  Richard Spjut & Paul Burchstead 16362, 22 June 2008


Stenotus armeriodies var. armerioides

Utah—Great Basin Desert-Utah Plateau. Garfield Co., Dixie NF: Bryce Canyon region, west of the National Park, Red Cap Road; 37º45'02.9", 112º16.11.7", 2151 m. Ponderosa pine woodland. Richard Spjut & Paul Burchstead 16378, 25 June 2008