Niebla palmeri

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Prepared by Richard W. Spjut
January 2004, Oct. 2005, Sep 2012

Niebla and Vermilacinia (Ramalinaceae) from California and Baja California.  
Spjut, R.W., 1996. ISSN 0833-1475, 208 pp.  
Sida, Botanical Miscellany 14. Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Inc.


Isla de los Coronados, Palmer 310, holotype (US)

Ridge southwest of El Rosario, Spjut 10280B, Mar 1988


     Niebla palmeri is a lichen that is endemic to Baja California (Mexico), occurring infrequently in the chaparral region and on Coronado Island. It is recognized by its terricolous habit—in which it is not attached to the substrate by a common attachment point or holdfast—and by the lichen substance sekikaic acid (with triterpenes). The thallus is much divided into stiff ribbon like branches that are often dilated terminally and irregularly fringed, torn and twisted.  It appears most similar to N. pulchribarbara and N. effusa, which differ in having protocetraric acid and salazinic acid, respectively.