Orobanchaceae (Scrophulariaceae)

Indian paint brush

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Prepared by Richard W. Spjut
May 2004; August 2005; Aug 2006, Dec 2013, Jan 2014, June 2014, Mar 2015, July 2015

Castilleja angustifolia
White Mts, CA
Photo by Susan Spjut
May 2006

Castilleja applegatei
Marble Mts. Wilderness,
Deep Lake, CA
July 2005


Castilleja applegatei
ssp. disticha
Piute Peak, CA
Kern Co. CNPS Chapter Field Trip, June 1, 2013

Castilleja applegatei
ssp. pinetorum
Kern Plateau, CA
Tulare Co., 26 June 2015

Castilleja arachnoidea
Marble Mts. Wilderness,
Deep Lake, CA
July 2005

Castilleja caudata
Near Cantwell, AK
Spjut & Marin 15497,
Jul 2003


Castilleja chromosa
Inyo Co., Fish Lake Valley, CA
15 May 1973


Castilleja chromosa
 Mojave Desert, Clark Co., Spring Mts., NV
Apr 2005


Castilleja foliosa
Tehachapi Mountains, CA
Tejon Hills, CNPS Kern Chapter Field Trips, led by Mike White,
7 March 2015

Castilleja foliosa
Transverse Ranges, CA
Spjut 15332, May 2003


Castilleja latifolia
Coastal scrub,
San Luis Obispo Co., CA
24 Feb 2011

Castilleja mendocinensis
Coastal scrub,
Mendocino Co., CA
July 2005

Castilleja hispida
Idaho: North-central, Clearwater Natl. For., Johnson Gulch, 4631.869, 11539.004, elev. 3,900 ft, mosaic of meadows and forests along streams with frequent patches of Veratrum californicum,  forest of Englemann spruce, grand fir, western red cedar, subalpine fir. 27 July 2011

Castilleja miniata

Nevada. Inyo NF: East side of Boundary Peak, Trail Canyon; 3751.919, 11818.604, 9000 ft.  Marginal areas of western birch-willow thickets along open ravine patches of corn lily in valley bordered by sagebrush with Rosa nutkana, Juncus drummondii,, Iris missouriensis. 8 July 2009.


Castilleja rhexifolia
Utah. Albion Basin, 8500 ft., UT
July 2005


Castilleja subinclusa

California. Kern Co.:
Near Piute Peak
Kern Co. CNPS Chapter Field Trip
June 1, 2013 

Castilleja subinclusa
  Kern Co., S Sierra Nevada, CA
Apr 2005


Castilleja sulphurea

Southern Rocky Mts. Colorado. Archuleta Co., San Juan NF, between Durango and Pagosa Springs, Forest Road  to Devils Peak, ~ 2 miles north off Hwy 160; 3713'11.6", 1071841.5, 3000 m.  Spruce-fir forest. SPJ-16400, 29 July 2008.

Castilleja unalaschensis
Palmer Creek, Kenai
Peninsula AK, Spjut &
Marin 15397
, Jul 2003